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_This will be a home-brew 3.5/Pathfinder campaign for the most part, unless you want me to run this as an Exalted, Fusion or CoD Fantasy game (It can go either way). The idea was to use a similar system for you all to get used to, so for now, unless you vote otherwise I’ll keep it 3.5 compliant/Pathfinder, with My own twists of course.

More to come as I post chargen and the like. As for character types and classes, well I would recommend that you just let your mind wander for ideas for now._

This is not Earth. This is the standard Pathfinder world.
Millennia ago, this planet was explored by Humans from Earth however. Humans whom found themselves severely off course, and without options. And fuel. So they explored the only habitable planet they found in the system. Nexrealm.
What they found they could have never expected, living world. The Planet it self was apparently sleeping, but alive. And their only option.
The world adapted to their presence, their dreams, views and more. That animal that looked like a rabbit, slowly began to look more and more like a rabbit. That researcher that looked like a dwarf, started looking more and more like a Dwarf and acting like one too.
Not all the humans came down to the surface. Something close to 90% of them did however and they thrived. For many, many years.
As their brethren watched from up high, whom vowed to one day reverse all the damage that their colonists had done to the world, they only exist as myth and rumor.
The Colonists however have almost no inkling that they are being watched from the stars. Their world has become myth, magic, mana-punk setting, filled with swords & sorcery and ancient civilizations, relics and more.

Players in this campaign are adventurers, those whom have chosen to explore the world and make their fortunes in the world. The good news is that you dont need to have a full background when you create your character right away. Chances are, your character will not remember it from the way I plan to put the party together for this game. you will likely not need to create listing of gear either, unless you have something in mind that your character simply cant live without (family heirloom, prosthetic appendage, etc). Trust me on this. It will be much better than the typical “you all meet up in a bar”, giving you a way and a reason for which you should stay together as a party and continue.
Think Final Fantasy in terms of combining Magic and Technology. Airships, armored vehicles, magic, swords and monsters. Villages and castles, war and pirates. And Ancient buried civilizations which have left behind relics, curses, monsters, and much much more!
Countries clash, Pirates prey the open sky while secret societies push their hidden agendas about the continent.
And the players will not only need to discover what happened to their past, survive long enough to ensure their futures.

PM your GM with your ideas!

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