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Daily Living in the Kingdoms and provinces of the Land is some what different then in most gaming worlds and swashbuckling genres. Here a few examples and descriptions on daily living in the Age of Heroes.

1. No Horses ?– The general population doesn’t know what a horse it. But there are horses. They are just very rare as they have to compete for land and fight off terrible predators. Most of the ones you’ll see belong to knights, paladins or high ranking nobles stable. And few at that. Though you could desicribe one to someone as a “Unicorn with no horn” and they would probably have to think that one over. People have seen Unicorns, well some have. Usually the extremely rich (either captured or while out hunting) or the country folk (while farming or wandering). But if there are not horses, there has to be something to replace them right? Of course. There are dozens of animals that have been domesticated, or at least used as mounts enough to call them standard. Riding lizards (the general term that covers most reptilian creatures for transportation), large birds (kind of like chocobo’s  ) aerial mounts_ (Dragons, Griffons, Hippogriff and Giant forms of Bat fall under this type)_ and the heavier creatures used in place of teams of horses.

2. Ground Transportation. With that being said, there are still yet other forms of transportation available in the form of Magi-Tech devices and Portes Mages and the following.
a. Armored Coach. –The most common form of transportation is a heavily armored cart, very similar to the armored coaches of the pony express in the old west which consisted of heavily modified carriages with thick plates of armor and small slits for windows. Why you ask? Well even with the so called Age of Heroes, in full swing, one reason that the AOH was called was for protection of the people. Protection both from themselves, the changed environment and the numerous hostile creatures and bandits. This carriage is usually pulled by one to four animals trained to do so. The inside of the coach is fitted with various mana powered sensory equipment and a basic air filtration system, a cooler of some kind, and few various gadgets and gizmo’s (compass, etc). There is a quick release gear to let the animals go in an emergency. And most carry food for its standard occupants, for 2 weeks. Most farms communities, if not the farm themselves will have at least one carriage to get to town or to transport goods. More advanced and expensive ones are of course available.
b. Light Transport.- built from light weight materials and made be fast the light transport are more like the dune buggy’s we have to day. “live fast go splat” is a common motto among light transport aficionados, and for very good reason. Nearly any substantial solid object will cripple a light transport. Originally the light transport was thought of as the first car. That is until some creatures got a hold of one crashed transport and eat the passengers. Some how the idea spread and between the knowledge of “tasty bits” in the easy to maim “prey” of the light transports. Now most light transports work in conjunction with the Heavy Transports, acting as scouts and reconnaissance for larger caravans and troop movements and even short range courier duty.
c. Heavy Transport.- Just as the name says. There are heavily reinforced APC’s (sort of like the troop carrier in the movie Aliens) that are designed to take a beating. Designed so that even if the transport it crippled beyond driving to keep its inhabitants free from the jagged jaws of predators of the Land, nearly all Heavy Transport’s have at least one type of heavy weapons on board to discourage would be predators and bandits.
d. Animal Transport.- This was pretty much covered above.
e. Portes Mage.- These pages specialize in transportation magic and are fast if not reliable form transportation. If you have the money or trade that is. For the right price you can get transport to nearly anywhere, if you have the right coordinates or the proper mental image in place. Portes Mages are sometimes actual spell casters, and sometimes just people with a gift in teleportation magic. Though its taxing on them, which why they exact such a demanding price, for the heavy toll it takes on them. In the recent past, Portes Mages have begun to band together to form stables or lodges of similar minded Portes to work together, rotating their work and recovery cycle to provide the public with round the clock transportation schedule that has a significant decrease in time between travel blocks.
f. Portals.- There are a few scattered travel portals left across the world. So why don’t people use them more often. Well there are a couple reasons. A great deal of portals seems to “scrambled”, as to say sent you to a completely different_ (some would say random)_ portal, depending on things like the time of day, season, etc. Some portals appear to be completely random. Others lead on one way trips to undesirable locations. Scholars and wizards both work around the clock where known portals exist to decipher the patter and schedule so that they can be used beneficially
g. Air Ships.- The concept of a ship to sail the sky seems to go back as far as history. Seem as a fast reliable way to travel over the often hostile climes the Land has shown us, Air ship travel is not without risk. The chance for an engine failure, getting blown off course, flying creatures and the increasing risk of Air Piracy has many concerned. But even with the still of winds most air ships are twice as fast as normal over land transport.
h. On Foot.- The old tried and true. Though people still travel on foot if they absolutely this is commonly thought of as tempting fate at moderate distances, and as a death sentence when undertaking long distances by ones self. When people do travel so, they usually do so in the larges groups possible as to ward of the daily hazards of the road.

3. Weapons.- Weapons will be covered later in the book but this portion will discuss the place weapons have in society and how people view them. An armed society is a polite society. Weapons can be worn on most places without a bit a trouble. Most places a sign or a steward will inform the person that said arms must be set in storage till they are ready to leave.
a. Swords. – The Sword is the primary form of defense and warfare. While most towns have rules for non lethal combat between citizens so that a town resources will continue to function after the duel. Its not uncommon for travelers to be excluded from this rule on one technicality or anther, depending on the how the citizenry views the traveler with whom ever runs the town having the final say. In a city however that is not the case. Duels follow very stylized tradition, much like the musketeers of old. In public, duels are to scheduled, logged and the appropriate fee placed in holding by both parties. The winner of the duel receives 80% of the losers fee. 10% is delivered to the family of the recently deceased, and the final 10% is split between the burial and the clerk who logs the even. There are stiff penalty’s in most cities for offenders who do not observe these rules. There a few place’s that require you stow weapons to gain entrance, but those are becoming fewer as the years go by.
b. Knives.- Most establishments don’t mind you carrying knives around. The exception is excess. If they see a lass wearing enough knives to make a set of armor, well unless she’s a knife hawker they are going to be a bit uncomfortable, and may try to keep a bit of security around, mainly in the form of calling for a mentus or a peoples paladin.
c. Pistols.- Pistols are an odd issue. They are not really common or uncommon, having kind of snuck up into society. Originally created by mistake the pistol was later developed as a personal armament for those to defend the small access ways of Heavy Transports from raging beasts. Over the years the pistol has become more and more common to adventurers, military, woodsmen, caravan masters, and of late, highwaymen and pirates. Though expensive, difficult to maintain, and the limited number of shots seems a drawback, the pistol is becoming more and more a weapons of style and status today. There are an increasing amount of places that will not allow you entrance if you are carrying a pistol. Though the idea hasn’t caught on in most places, as the potential for entertainment and money seem to overshadow their possible misuses.
d. Rifles.- The rifle has only just begun to begun to become into its own. Seen to be not as versatile as the trued and true bow, the rifle’s increased damage and range makes it very appealing to military and few individuals who see the potential for such a device. Its limited payload, long reload time and fidgety sights makes this a specialists weapon, so far limited to a few hunters, woodsmen, and a few outlaws that have seen the use in it. This weapons is mainly found in militiamen.
e. Grenades.- Though there are a few grenades that are alchemical, most grenades are magi-tech devices. Seen usually as a non-lethal alternative for capture and warfare. Those who openly display grenades are usually militia, or pirates as there are very few reasons to have them. There are a few trappers and hunters who carry them. They are even standard issue in some Heavy Transports, but not very common outside that on the whole.

4. Metal.- People of the Land do not have the same preoccupation that we do with building everything out of metal. With the help of magi-tech and rune-smiths, the people of the land have come to use and enjoy the materials around them as opposed to the use of metal. This has been mainly out of necessity, as at several points in history nations or movements have fallen depending on metal shipments that never came or vanes that just went dry after over mining. Dwarves by far have the most metal, and make a steady trade and living mining it direct from the mountainous lairs, doling it out here and there as the process of supply and demand waxes and wanes. Occasionally a meteor of some sort will crash to earth and smiths will hire a team to go return it to them as soon as possible for its special qualities, though it is rare. Most substitutes are easily crafted and acquired materials such as slate, wood, bone from large animals sometimes ceramic or clay. These materials are fashioned in the shape they are wanted in before a rune-smith or crafts smith bonds runes of strengthening to them, making them durable, and many as hard as steal or stronger. With the choice of having finely decorated boxes of wood that are as secure as titanium or steal with the scent of rose, or pine, many nobles and institutions prefer saving metal for only truly special items of quality and weapons. This keeps metal precious and very much sought after. A suit of mithril or adamantine would fetch an ungodly fortune if sold, and most likely end up in either some rune-smiths shop to work on, adding oddity’s to, or in some nobles armory for those most important of events or even the battle field.

5. Daily Living.- For the most part, the lives of common folk are much the same as most game settings, with the exception of a few magi-tech items to help them survive or make life easier here and there.

Daily Living Info

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